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    Sun Fire v440 Over heat Problem. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Dear Team,

      I need some expert advice to my problem.

      We have a Sun Fire v440 in our customer Place. Server is working fine and no hardware deviations are found except one problem that processors generating too much heat. I have verified and found that the room temperature was 26-27 degree , also the air flow from and to the server was also not conducive.

      The tempearatures of the processors are also flctuating over the day. If we put a Fan behind the server,the temp decreases to 2-3 degrees . I think due to excess room temp,this overheat issue arises. Is my assumption correct or is there any other factors are there which related to the overheat issue. Please suggest.

      **NOTE: No errors found in messages files also.**

      i am sending the logs of the server for better understanding. these are the readings taken after 2 hours duration.

      chk_server.sh Wed Dec 28 08:00:00 IST 2011

      Wed Dec 21 08:00:00 IST 2011

      ############# Server Temperature ##############

      c0_p0_t_cor | 94
      c1_p0_t_cor | 89
      c2_p0_t_cor | 93
      c3_p0_t_cor | 96
      c0_t_amb | 31
      c1_t_amb | 31
      c2_t_amb | 31
      c3_t_amb | 31
      scsibp_t_am | 29
      mb_t_amb | 35

      chk_server.sh Wed Dec 28 10:00:00 IST 2011

      ############# Server Temperature ##############

      c0_p0_t_cor | 91
      c1_p0_t_cor | 87
      c2_p0_t_cor | 90
      c3_p0_t_cor | 93
      c0_t_amb | 28
      c1_t_amb | 28
      c2_t_amb | 28
      c3_t_amb | 29
      scsibp_t_am | 27
      mb_t_amb | 33

      Can some body tell me what is the ideal Temp of a decent DC and the temp generated by a V 440 server. Is the amount of heat generated by the Sun Fire 280R server is same as Sun Fire V440 (with 4 processor). I need some kind of documentation before giving my final report to customer ..

      Please help me out.

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          tholtorff - oracle

          There is a known issue for termal events on Sun Fire V440. Usually CPU overheating is caused by failure of Power Supply. You can check with '# prtdiag -v' from Solaris OS and 'sc> showenvironment' from Service Processor [ALOM] output if there are any failed power supplies in the system:

          # prtdiag -v (part)
          ======== FRU Status =========
          Fru Operational Status:
          Location Status
          SC okay
          PS0 faulty
          PS1 okay
          HDD0 present
          HDD1 present
          HDD2 present
          HDD3 present

          sc> showenvironment (part)
          Power Supply Indicators:
          Supply POK STBY Service OK-to-Remove
          PS0 ON ON OFF OFF
          PS1 OFF ON ON OFF

          Power Supplies:
          Supply Status
          PS0 OK
          PS1 FAILED

          It is also possible that the fan's (in PSU's) works in a degraded state with increased fan noise, increased fan vibration levels, and/or decreased fan RPMs. If PSU fan speed goes below 2,520 RPM (slow fan), a predictive fan fault signal is triggered by the system similar to the below example;

          "PS0 fan is operating below its normal threshold"

          However, if the PSU fan actually fails and the PSU turns off, the system outputs the message;

          "PSU @ PS0 has FAILED"

          and, depending on the environment, the system may initiate an orderly shut down to avoid overheating.

          If both Power Supplies are healthy I would suggest to go through the below document:

          Site Planning Guide for Entry-Level Servers Version 1.3

          to confirm that best practices provided has been implemented.

          Hope this answer your question.

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            The O.P's information showed ambient conditions at approximately 30C
            (and granted, that was inside each system chassis shell)
            so your suggestion that they examine the PSU's could be a bit misleading or possibly distracting from the question they actually asked.
            Server is working fine and no hardware deviations are found
            Review their inquiry one more time.
            They were asking for suggestions on how cold to keep their data center.
            I have verified and found that the room temperature was 26-27 degree
            Can some body tell me what is the ideal Temp of a decent DC
            Next, their post mentioned they had a deadline on reporting back to their client.
            Your reply, though possibly useful to readers into the future, was of questionable value to the O.P. because two months had gone by.

            Welcome to the OTN forums, but take some care that you not resurrect old posts or threads.