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    System requirements for Contract Manager 14

      We in the process of looking at migrating to CM 14. We are currently on CM 12.1. I'm having a heck of a time finding any sort of system requirements. All CM components will be on a single server.
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          The closest thing you'll find is the Test Configurations.xls guide, in the Documentation folder, of the install download media.

          Few things to note if you weren't already aware:
          .JBoss is no longer supported, only Weblogic
          .InfoMaker report application is no longer supported, only Oracle BI Publisher. (You have to pay for a license if you wish to modify/create reports/forms)
          .Sybase databases are not supported. Only Oracle or MS SQL
          .JackRabbit content repository not supported, only Oracle UCM or MS Sharepoint

          I've installed PCM 14, BI Publisher, Weblogic 11g and Oracle 11g Database on a Windows Server 2008 64-bit server, with 4GB RAM.
          Works great if 2-3 users are logged in, but anything more than that it slows down. Recommended to have at least 8GB RAM