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    how i send cap file to contactless java card?

      i created a cap file and it is working fine in CJCRE , i am using JCDK 2.2.2 , i manually create the cap file by using Converter.bat which is given inside the JCDK, I have a contact less java card and when i used javax.smartcardio with this i got the following ATR:-
      3b 89 80 01 4a ....40 ( in character form it indicate- ;---jcop41v22m)
      what jcop41v22m indicate here?
      i heared about JCOP tool but a little, Now i want to send my cap file inside the java card. I am confused about Jpshell and jcop tool, which i need to use or There are any other option to send cap file inside java card.
      I heard JCOP is a IBM product so u need to get a license to use it. Is is true
      please guide me and show me the path.
      Thanks in advance...