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    NT File Crawler to crawl files, but not allow access?


      I am using the out of the box Community Links Portlet. Since I do not have an option to point to a an NT fileshare, I have to crawl it in, so I can point to a Knowledge Directory folder. The folder in questions has security on it - so only certain people can access the documents.

      What I would like to do is crawl them in - so the files and folders in this show up, but when clicked, unless you have access, it won't open.

      The issue I have run into is - I had to give the NT crawler permission to the folder so it could crawl them into the Portal. I then checked the 'Import security with each document' thinking it would retain the permissions of the document. Wrong - now everybody can access these documents if they are crawled in.

      Question: How do I keep the document permissions intact, but allow crawling (for list browsing)

      Any way around this?

      I don't want put permissions on the KD folder to restrict it.