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    Help required in creating Table of Nested objects as a column

      Hi All,

      In our project requirement we are expected to create a table1 consisting of object1 as one of the column and that object1 has a nested object (object2) as one of the column.

      We are able to create table(table name is op_sam) for object1

      create or replace type testobj1 as object (c1 number,c2 number);
      create or replace type t_testobj as table of testobj1;

      create table op_sam (obj_id varchar2(100), workobj t_testobj)
      nested table workobj store as nested_tab return as value;

      we are trying to store op_sam as object into another table prepop

      We have created object for the op_sam

      create or replace type op_sam_obj as object (obj_id varchar2(100), workobj t_testobj);
      create or replace type t_op_sam_obj as table of op_sam_obj;

      We gave the following script to create table with the column as t_op_sam_obj

      create table prepop (ob_id varchar2(20),object2 t_op_sam_obj)
      nested table object2 store as nested_tab1 return as value;

      ORA-22913: must specify table name for nested table column or attribute · nested tables ·

      could you please suggest me to resolve this issue?