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    audit vault 10.3 - role 'DV_STREAMS_ADMIN' does not exist


      in the audit-vault-admin guide 10.3, step 2.3.1 - 8:

      If you plan to add the REDO collect to your source database, then grant the Oracle source database user account the DV_STREAMS_ADMIN role.
      The DV_STREAMS_ADMIN role enables the management of Oracle Streams processes to be tightly controlled by Database Vault, but does not change or restrict the way an administrator would normally configure Oracle Streams.
      For example:
      SQL> GRANT DV_SECANALYST TO srcuser_ora;

      I got this error when grant that role to srcuser:

      SQL> grant DV_STREAMS_ADMIN to srcuser1;
      grant DV_STREAMS_ADMIN to srcuser1
      ERROR at line 1:
      ORA-01919: role 'DV_STREAMS_ADMIN' does not exist

      Please support !