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    OIM Bulk Load utility(Process Form Updates)

      Hi All,

      I am wondering whether OIM bulk laod Utitly is capable of Updating the Accounts(Targer Recon) in OIM(Updates in Process form)?... I was checking the oracle doucment and it doe not say anything about Updating the records in OIM it says of creating the accounts. Please guide me.

      Thanks in advance

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          Nishith Nayan
          Don't worry. Utility support both feature

          1. Trusted recon - reconcile from trusted source(csv, databse.etc.) to OIM user profile
          2. Target recon - reconcile target account to OIM Process Form . for this you must have their coressponding user exist in OIM.

          For further details go through below doc.

          Section "15.5 Loading Account Data" will clarify your doubt