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    Copy fast refreshable mv to another db and fast refresh?

      Hi there,

      I have a materialized view defined in "slave database 1" (10gr2) on a table that resides in another database "master database" (10gr2) using a database link. The master database contains a materialized view log to allow fast refreshes. The materialized view is refreshing fast using a manual mode.

      I want to expdp/impdp the mv into another database "slave database 2" (11gr2) and let the first refresh be fast. When doing so, the "master database" will continue to make changes to the table during the expdp/impdp and the mvlog will contain more data, data that I don't want to miss.

      My problem:
      So far I was only able to get it to refresh completely, because the master database doesn't know the new slave and from which time it is. Since this is a big table over a slow network, I want to avoid that. Is there someway I can register the new materialized view in the master including a date from which it was last refreshed on the old slave allowing a fast refresh using the maintained mvlog?

      Any pointers to documentation describing this scenario are also helpfull.