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    calling modal pop-up window from button, using dynamic actions

      I am using apex 4.1. I have a page that I would like to call several different pop-up windows from. I am able to call a pop-up window using a column link, but unable to do so from a button.

      Here is what I currently have.

      dynamic action - MODAL DIALOG
      event: CLICK
      selection type: jQuery Selector
      jQuery Selector: a[id^=callModalDialog],button[value=CREATE]
      true action: executeJavascript code
      fire when event: TRUE
      event scope: LIVE

      /* prevent default behaviour on click */

      var e = this.browserEvent;


      /* Find page link */

      var link;

      if (this.triggeringElement.tagName=='A') { 

      link = this.triggeringElement.href;

      } else if (this.triggeringElement.tagName=='BUTTON') { 

      link = this.triggeringElement.title;


      /* Trigger JQuery UI dialog */

      var horizontalPadding = 30;

      var verticalPadding = 30;

      $('<iframe id="modalDialog" src="' + link + '" />').dialog({ 

      title: "Endorsements",

      autoOpen: true,

      width: 600,

      height: 500,

      modal: true,

      close: function(event, ui) {apex.event.trigger('#P311_AFTER_MODAL','select',''); $(this).remove();},

      overlay: { 

      opacity: 0.5,

      background: "blue"}

      }).width(600 - horizontalPadding).height(500 - verticalPadding);

      return false;

      my second DYNAMIC ACTION is ON PAGE LOAD
      event: PAGE LOAD
      Fire when event: TRUE

      true action:
      /* get original onclick event */

      var origAction = $('button[value=CREATE]').attr('onclick').toString();

      /* get link from original onclick event using regular expression */

      var link = origAction.match(/(redirect\((\'|\"))([^\'\)|\"\)]*)/)[3];

      /* Remove original onclick event */


      /* store link as title attribute of button */

      $('button[value=CREATE]').attr('title', link);

      when the popup is called from a column link, I have the link attribute set to : id="callModalDialog#PERMIT_ID#". This works perfectly. The page (page 311) that is called appears as a modal popup.

      when the popup is called from a button (NOTE: THIS IS TO CALL A DIFFERENT PAGE, page 86), the action is REDIRECT TO PAGE IN APPLICATION. The page is called, but not as a modal popup, only as a regular page.

      thanks for any help. Karen
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