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    How to import xls file to BPA11gR1

      I got business flow from customer,one xml and one xls file.
      I imported xml file as following:

      New a database.
      Run BPA(11gR1) and open above database.
      Right-click on the group and select Evaluate/Start macro. The Macro Wizard opens.
      Select the "Import Process Generator table (XML)" macro in the Macros field and click on Next.
      Specify the output settings.
      Click on Finish. The Open dialog opens.
      Select the XML file and click on Open. The data is imported.

      I can not found ProcessGenerator import(EXCEL)" in the macro filed.
      so that I try to import xls file with above method,however I do not see any result.

      I would like to know if any of you could help me,thanks.

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