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    Unable to install .p5p  package in global zones in Solaris 11

      Hello All,

      I have few zones configured on my Solaris 11 node which are up and running. I have a package in a .p5p archive package which i need to install in my global zone as well as the non-global zones. I dont want to use a network based repository for the installation.

      When i try to install the package it gives me the below error

      "pkg install: The proposed operation on this parent image can not be performed because
      temporary origins were specified and this image has children. Please either
      retry the operation again without specifying any temporary origins, or if
      packages from additional origins are required, please configure those origins

      1. How to install a .p5p package without a network based repository ?
      2. Is it possible to install packages from the global zone to non-global zones without having to log on to each of the zones ?