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    Oracle Configurator UI refresh issue after instance deletion

      Can any one help me on the below issue.

      Product structure::
      MODA(add instance)

      MODB (Add instance)---This mod has issue
      MODb(add instance)---This mod instance has deleting added instances using java extension on post vlaue change of below Text Feature
      component(this component has one text feature )
      Text feature(which has OnCommand event with custom output(httpservelt)which has the list of values.User is selecting values from servlet LOV.JSP file is updating this selected value in Text feature.

      -Select value in Text feature
      -Add MODb instances
      -change the selected name in Text feature from Lov.Now the Post value change event fires to delete the MODb instances added in above step

      issue:Here the MODb instances are deleted from the UI.But the Tree navigation page menu is showing up the deleted pages also in the menu bar.

      If we enter the values in Text Feature the deleting instance is working fine