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    How can I hide the code?


      I want to develop a commercial application with HTMLDB. What's the best way to hide the code?


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          I don't think that this is possible, as there is no "code" in HTML DB - just metadata. You can wrap all of your external PL/SQL, but I'm afraid there's nothing you can currently do at the HTML DB level.


          - Scott -
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            What code do you want to hide? HTML DB just generates HTML/CSS that has to be in plain text so that the browser can render the page! There is no other "code" as such to hide. You can see the HTML/CSS behind any commercial website out there using the browser's View Source function.

            There are code obfuscators available for Javascript like the one at


            This seems to be in use at popular sites like Yahoo

            Hope this helps.
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              I think his problem is that anyone who buys his app now has all his source code, as it is stored in meta data .

              My only suggestion is similar to Scott's in that you should put as much of your application as possible into packages and wrap them.
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                Ah, I see. Yes, it should easily be possible to code all components in HTML DB using packaged stored procedure/function calls and wrap those package(s).

                Query regions could use the PL/SQL function body returning query.

                After submit processes could use a package.proc call and even use v('ITEM') to read the values from session state instead of passing them in as parameters to the proc (if that level of paranoia is desired!)

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                  Many thanks for all suggestions!

                  I'll use wrapped Packages to hide the logic.