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    install grid (11gR2) candidate disk is not correct

      os=oracle enterprise linux 5.4-64bit
      for installation Grid i first create partition
      table on LUN and then i config my disk on SAN by Multipath.conf :
      multipath {
      wwid 3600c0ff000d72562de6c0d4f01000000
      alias RD_ASM04
      uid 500
      gid 500
      path_grouping_policy failover
      but when i run grid installer candidate disks is incorrect:
      for example:
      /dev/sda -> RD_ASM1 -> candidate
      /dev/sda1-> RD_ASM1P1->member
      /dev/sdb -> RD_ASM2 -> candidate
      /dev/sdb1-> RD_ASM2P1->candidate
      /dev/sdc -> RD_ASM3 -> candidate
      /dev/sdc1-> RD_ASM3P1->member

      as you see some partitions are member and i could not createasm group on them!
      what is wrong?