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    Where have Doc Check utilities gone ?

      Since Oracle has taken over Sun websites, a number of links are broken, among which the download link in the following page
      (although this page is an Oracle one it still points to a no longer existent Sun site)

      Does anyone know where to find the doccheck.jar utility ?
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          Even if a valid download link would still exist (I can't find any), likely the thing doesn't help you as it hasn't been updated for Java 5+. You would only be able to use it on really old javadocs generated with JDK 1.4 and below.

          Funny enough, the only working download link I could find is this:


          And it goes to completely the wrong download :/
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            gimbal2, I came across the link you mention and was also surprised by the content ;-)

            I am still working on the "really old" java 1.4, since my target JVM is only java 1.4, as is often the case in the embedded world (J2ME etc)