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    Connection String problem in Informatica repository services


      i'm stuck with a problem of connenction string

      The scenario is i have installed informatica 8.6.0 and have managed to start the repository services in admin tool .
      But now i wanted to change my operating mode from Exclusive to normal for my integration service to run and other tasks , and as i change my mode and click ok, am getting an error saying

      my connection string is longer that 79 characters

      I have tried some other connection strings instead of the earlier one but the services are starting only in the earlier longer string that i used .

      So which Connection string should i use ???

      And if possible plz mention the syntax or the format for it.

      The point to note here is that OBI Apps , informatica client -server ,and database 11g all are installed on one system only.

      Am using oracle database 11 g

      Plz help me with this.

      Thanks in advance

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