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        This is an interesting use case; use websheets to "publish" data. Under the scenario (as I read it) described by 785011 the Websheet would be organized and described using pages. Websheet pages would potentially contain charts, reports, links to interactive reports, documents for download, etc. The content (pages, queries, etc) would be maintained by a list of privileged users, but the websheet would also be viewable to public users. Very similar to wikipedia in that the content is publicly viewable, but editing it requires you login. So yes I think websheets is ideal for this use-case.

        You can test this by:

        1. Login to APEX, click on the application builder and install the "sample application"
        2. From the APEX Application builder, locate the websheet "sample application" and click on it
        3. Click the "Edit Properties" icon
        4. Scroll down to the "Authorization" region, and set the "Allow Public Access" attribute to "Yes", it defaults to no
        5. Scroll down to the "SQL" region, and set the "Allow SQL Tags and Reports' to "Yes", this also defaults to no
        6. click "apply changes", this will take you back to the page that lets you Run or Edit properties
        7. click "Run Application" icon
        8. If you were already logged in, log out
        9. If you are not logged in, you will be a public user with read only access to everything.

        So the steps above describe how you can provide public access to a websheet application.

        In terms of deployment you have two options:

        1) Edit the live system; simply update the live system with new pages, new reports, etc (this works for less formal applications)
        2) Maintain a development version, and a production version of the application; when you wish to enhance your production app, deploy by exporting from dev and importing into production environment

        Regarding my comment: "This is in contrast to a typical APEX application that is developed by a developer and deployed to users. With websheets users and developers are one and the same (like wikipedia) but with SQL."

        I guess this statement doesn't do the product justice in that it only really speaks to the team collaboration use-case; where everyone on "the team" all maintain a websheet (e.g. repots, data grids, and pages).

        Websheets should be equally adept at allowing less technical developers to deploy reports, and hyper text linked, hierarchally organized, and fully searchable pages as it is at the team collaboration use-case.

        So is Websheets the perfect tool for information distribution, e.g. pages and online interactive reports? Well perhaps not in this release, here are some of the shortcoming as I see them:

        1. Inability to customize the look and feel; You need to live with our blue-look in this release
        2. Lack of ability to fully control page layout; for example ability to control exact content width (.e.g. get a portal look with lots of small boxes)
        3. Inability to integrate web services to pull content using REST or SOAP
        4. Lack of a PL/SQL tag (however we do have a SQL and SQLVALUE tag) for adhoc generation of very customized data (e.g. print whatever HTML you want)

        I am sure we have more short comings but these are the top ones, knowing what I know now.

        The advantages of using websheets for this information distribution use case are many, this is how I see the advantages of websheets:

        1. Ability to allow less technical people create and manage page content, and reports with ease (no need to be an APEX guru)
        2. Lots of cool built in functionality
        - Hierarchal pages, with breadcrumbs, peer and child navigation
        - Built in search
        - Ability to expose interactive reports on arbitrary SQL (interactive reports are very powerful, fast, and easy to use)
        - Expose simple data (potentially originating from spreadsheets) using data grids
        - File download (make it easy to download files)
        - Full tag support to make it easier to find what your looking for via search (note you can tag data in data grids as well)
        3. Unique ability to mix static content (e.g. pages) with database data (e.g. reports and data grids)

        I hope this answers your question, and I hope websheets meets your needs. And; if websheets doesn't work for you please do let us know.

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          Websheets Use Case:+_
          OTN has moved from Portal to Universal Content Managmenet (UCM) {the old Stellant product} you have probably noticed the change in our APEX Home Page (http://otn.oracle.com/apex).

          As part of this migration to UCM we now need to know the UCM ID to quickly search for particular pages.
          We have over 100 pages and I originally had the information in an excel spreadsheet.

          Now the migration is complete I needed to share information on UCM.
          So I created a Websheet with Sections for things like Useful Links, How to upgrade a page, etc.
          I also added a few screen shot images to help highlight various steps.
          Then I created a Data Grid to maintain the mapping of our old OTN Portal pages to the new UCM IDs.

          Now the whole team has the information readily available without having to dive into old emails.

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            I am interested in trying to use websheets to meet the satisfy the requirements of our organization where users are familiar with managing information using spreadsheets. Currently, users post updated spreadsheets and a single user aggregates the information every morning into a consolidated worksheet.

            I would normally use APEX to satisfy this requirement but I was interested in prototyping a capability using websheets.

            I can get everyone to use the same template for managing their information. One problems I am facing is the generation of the consolidated worksheets numbers. I am trying to generate reports using the internal objects and the report generator section will not allow this (INTERNAL APPLICATION OBJECTS NOT ALLOWED). I do have SQL enabled. I really need to be able to produce these types of statistics to make this a viable solution.

            Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am using Apex 4.0.2. Also, would like the expansion of fields associated with GROUPING .... like to be able to sum at least 10 numbers on the interface.


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              Please don't post follow-ups to long dead threads.

              Your question sounds interesting, but responding to old threads from search results is not the best way to get a response. The main reason for this is that the forum watches only last for a few months: the original participants will not be alerted to your post, or they may no longer be active on the forum.

              You're recommended to start your own thread. If you think your question is related to old posts and threads, link to them using the methods in the FAQ.
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                I agree with many of the posts on this thread.

                I work for a large local government and we have been using APEX for about 6 years. Websheets caught our eye when we upgraded to APEX 4.0 unfortunately we are not sure what problem we can solve using websheets.

                One of the main issues we have with websheets is no access control role allowing end users to maintain data on a data grid but are not allowed to maintain the data grid itself. If I am an user building data grids and I want to publish the data grid, I can see a role where I want users to contribute data to the grid but not have the ability to delete the data grid. Because of this, we decided websheets cannot be a primary repository for data.

                We are uncertain the problem Oracle is trying to solve in APEX 4.0's websheets. As we work through what websheets can and cannot do, we are having trouble finding a problem that websheets can solve. Here is our problem list:

                1. Replace excel? - I don't think websheets will ever replace excel. We do have issues with users using excel as a main repository for mission critical data and moving this data to an Oracle database would be a great solution, but we do not feel comfortable using websheets as a primary data repository.

                2. Replace Access? - This is where I think websheets can really shine if you can add more functionality like linking data grids, creating LOV's from a data grid and more access control roles. Unsecured Access Databases are running viral throughout our organization and creating an alternative solution for users like websheets could solve many of our data and security issues on rogue access databases.

                3. Connecting Data Grids to tables and views - One area we would like to explore is the ability to connect data from our major normalized databases to a data grid via a view or a reporting table. This would allow "supper" users to create websheet pages, charts and reports without tying up limited IT resources. IT would be responsible for staging the data and the end users would be responsible for creating pages and reports using websheets.

                I like what websheets is trying to do, but I think there is a common theme that we just do not know the problem websheets is trying to solve.

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