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    two users, two seperate arguments - both receive same jnlp

      Hello, we have an app that users download a jnlp package but pass specific arguments within the jnlp request:

      <application-desc main-class="com.cbi.tellertools.digitalcapture.DigitalCapture">
      <argument><%= codebaseBuffer.toString() %>/SaveDigitalImageServlet</argument>
      <argument><%= request.getRemoteHost() %></argument>
      <argument><%= FIRST %></argument>
      <argument><%= MIDDLE %></argument>
      <argument><%= INITIAL %></argument>

      When the jnlp gets requested at the same time, both users receive the jnlp package with the arguments from whomever was the last to request it. This happens only with near simultaneous requests, otherwise it works fine. Is there a way to force threading or are we blatantly missing something? I inherited this jnlp application and am new to jnlp (but not new to Java) so if there's a simple explanation and fix please say so. Thanks!