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    Formulation on basis of techncial parameter.

      Dear All,

      Can we dynamically calculate ingredient quantity on the basis of technical parameter? Like, in the milk FAT should be 3.5% & SNF 8%. Suppose, FAT is less than parameter value, then need to add FAT & if is more, then need to extract. Means, FAT can be ingredient or co-product based on parameters.


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          As far I under stand, that shoul be configure in formulator> formula, for proportional calculation of batch ingredient/product u shoul check mark the "Scaling Allowed" check box and select scale type ''Proportional'' in product, ingredient tab.
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            Hi Mir,

            I don't want scaling of the formula. Actually, before processing raw milk, its parameters are checked like FAT, SNF etc. The required value is 3.5% FAT & 8% SNF. If on checking FAT's value found more than required, then need to extract additional FAT & if less then need to add extra FAT.

            Means, FAT can be co-product or ingredient based on its qty in the raw milk. In both cases, qty is not fixed it is varying. I want to know how to map this in the system.


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              OPM User
              Hi Shasi,

              Here there are 2 options you need to decide.

              Option1:The routing step should have QC check which should collect samples and decision should be made if low add fat as ingredient if excess remove the Fat(extract) as the case may be and then follow other steps accordingly and complete the batch.

              Option2: when your system is automated like the QA samples result should come to Oracle staging table and based on the calculation it should evaluate the batch ingredient and create the batch automatically based on the sample value this is purely automation by having the Tagging sytem done in Spectrometers and DCS operations.

              Hope option 1 will be suitable to your process.