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    Order Type in Cartridge


      Can a single cartridge have multiple Order Types, if so what is the catagory to select Order Types?
      When creating a cartridge itself there is an entity is getting created automatically with cartridge name in .order format. what is the singnificant of this order type. when i click select in Order Recoginition Rule to select order type it shows this order type only.

      I red from the document that Order recognition is the process of determining the type of an incoming order so it can be mapped to an order specification in OSM. Each recognition rule is associated with an order specification. What is order specification here?

      Moreover ORR can be mapped with only one order type.

      Can anyone pls explain on this...

      Thanks in advance

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          Hi Bharathi;

          When you create a new OSM cartridge in Design Studio a few default entities are created including an Order Type entity. You can have as many Order Type entities as you wish in a single cartridge. When we talk about an Order Specification, we are really talking about a given Order Type within a specific version of a Cartridge. e.g. You may have cartridge Foo, with versions 1, 2 and 3. Cartridge Foo may have several different order types - Bar1, Bar2, Bar3. An Order Specification would be Bar2 in Cartridge Foo version 3.

          Hope that helps.

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            Hi Brian,

            Thanks for your valuable input.

            My doubt is Order Specification is equalent to Order Type?

            Also can a single cartridge with version 1 itself have many Order Types and to accompany this do v need to have many Order Recognition Rules(as ORR is associated with Order TYpes)? If so can you please explain me with any realtime scenario to have like this and catagory to select Order Types.

            Thanks in advance...
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              Hi Bharathi, each order type within a single cartridge requires a recongition rule.
              The engine would apply all available recognition rules and when one matches, it will create the order type to which the recognition rule points.