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    TCP dumps

      how can we pull the tcp dumps from a server or capture the packets of a server.?
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          tcpdump is not part of the Solaris distribution but can be downloaded from the Internet from sites such as http://www.sunfreeware.com/
          There's also Wireshark which you can either compile from source or download pre-built packages from http://www.sunfreeware.com/

          Solaris does come with a packet capture tool called snoop(1M) so read the man page to understand how to use it. The syntax is very similar to tcpdump and wireshark.
          System Administration Commands                          snoop(1M)
               snoop - capture and inspect network packets
               snoop [-aqrCDINPSvV] [-t [r | a | d]] [-c maxcount]
                [-d device] [-i filename] [-n filename] [-o filename]
                [-p first [, last]] [-s snaplen] [-x offset [, length]]
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            Thank you for the info.