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    ldapsearch not returning any entries anymously


      I've just migrated from Fedora 389DS to DSEE7 and stumbled upon some unexpected problems that I can't figure how to get out of.

      Before shutting down my 389DS instance I've dumped its user entries. I then installed DSEE7, everything seems to be working properly.

      I then did a dsconf create-suffix o=oslods (which was the base DN on 389DS).

      Afterwards I did dsconf import -p 389 -e /tmp/389dump.ldif o=oslods. No entries were skipped, everything looked OK. My ldif can be seen at http://jeanfrancoisgratton.net/dsee/389dump.ldif.txt .

      Why, as everything (ldapsearch) worked fine with 389DS, doesn't it work properly now with DSEE ? Some gui tools will show me the entries in o=oslods, but not ldapsearch (ex: ldapsearch -b o=isp uid=grattojf won't return anything) ?

      Is there something I've forgotten that'd get me red-faced with shame once pointed out to me, or what ? :-)

      It seems that when I provide the bindDN (-D "xxxxx" -w yyyy) I get results ! This one now, I don't get it ! I want anonymous searches to work, I hadn't touched to anything ACI-wise...


      -- Jeff

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