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    Markup file data forward and auto-opening

      Greetings. We have integrated AutoVue in our web-based system and is working fine at the moment. Our client wishes an additional feature, and we are having problems to think of a valid approach after reading both the documentation and the source. We'd appreciate some insight at this issue to find the proper approach.

      In our web-based application, we want to display outside AutoView if, for a document, markup files exist, as well as some information regarding them. Essentially, we want to be able to see any new markings on a document, who generated them, and be able to open the document directly with that markup file.

      To approach the problem, our idea is to add a custom action when markup files are stored, getting the current information on markup files stored on AutoVue server for that file, and routing them to our external database. The issue is, we can't find a proper way to add this custom action to automate the process. On AutoVue API Programmer's Guide, three approaches are given to design new features, and we think that adding a custom action is what matches best our initial idea.

      The problem is, when we trace how the saving action is performed, we see no place to add custom behaviour, since the xml points to a jar file, and from there to resolution, all the job is performed there. I guess this means we'd have to create a new class that duplicates the behaviour within that jar and adds our extra feature. Is there a way to keep the saving method as is, and still add the extra feature?

      The second part is about opening automatically the file with a specific markup file. From the information I've seen, my guess is that here we need to wait until the document is loaded, then load the markup file while activating markup mode. So, that would mean to get the proper event and from there perform the required actions. Is that so?
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          Just of the conclusion.

          We finally approached the issue the following way: using the ISDK Skeleton, we implemented a function to save markup files on an external repository and forward its file information to an external server. Pretty standard stuff.

          To perform the automatic loading, the applet and server generate standard events that we listen, so we chain a load markup file after loading a file. We use a single string with information about the file and the markup file(s) we want to open.