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        Dear Jason ,

        Peace upon you.

        From SIMalliance NFC stepping stone document there are 2 way to write Java Card Contactless Applet:

        1. JavaCard API version 2.2.2
        2. Contactless Java Card API described in ETSI TS 102 705

        Hope this info be useful

        According to Mifare Classic , i thing i read that NFC Forum Type2 Tag is based on it


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          safarmer wrote:
          I assumed MIFARE was covered by these. I guess MIFARE just uses the same communication channel over 14443?

          Broadly speaking that is correct, but there are some differences and details which should not be overlooked. This document provides a great comparison of MIFARE and ISO14443 (and more): http://www.developer.nokia.com/Community/Blogs/resources/300066/Philips-NFC-vs-ISO14443-vs-Felica-SLIDES.pdf

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            Type 2 tag is MIFARE Ultralight C, not Classic.
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