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    Thread Dump Analysis


      I have a Weblogic Server Environment 9.2 MP1 .... When I took the thread dump and analysing with samurai tool I see couple of cell in the samurai tool with the color code "black". When I looked at the meaning of Black in samurai I understand that these are Absent threads.

      may I know what is the meaning of absent threads and why they come and how to resolve them???

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          Hi Zeno,

          For now, let’s review the raw Thread Dump data. Can you please provide me the Thread Stack Trace of the Threads you have concern with (locate the thread Id then extract the Stack Trace from raw Thread Dump data)?
          We will look at what time of processing they are involved with.

          Also, can you please describe the problem your environment was facing (application slowdown, high CPU etc.) prior / during Thread Dump generation.