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    Stephen J.
      JDev, JHS

      I am working on upgrading an app from to I have a detail group where a user adds a new child row and selects a value for the new row from a popup LoV (JHS-style). Within the LoV they're supposed to be able to add new records to the set of values. This is working fine in the current production app (JHS In the upgraded app the new ("+") button is there in the LoV, so they can add a row, but when I click "Save" in the popup nothing happens, not even in the activity log in JDeveloper (for the integrated WLS).

      Is there a setting I need to change somewhere?
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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle

          The only change we made is that by default the data control scope of the LOV taskflow is now shared to save AM resources, so it shares the same transaction with the base page, as most LOV's are read-only.
          In your case, you probably want to commit the new LOV row separately, so can you try setting the Data Control Scope property of the LOV group to "Isolated".

          If the problem persists with this change, then please send a testcase based on the HR schema to idevcoe_nl@oracle.com.

          Steven Davelaar,
          JHeadstart team.