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    How to change source database password?

      On docs

      To change the password credentials for the source user account:

      1.In the server where you installed the Audit Vault Server, open a shell and then set the environment variables for the Audit Vault Server home, as described in Section 2.2.2.

      2.In the Audit Vault Server home, use the ALTER USER SQL statement to change the password for the source user account if it is an Oracle Database source user account.

      For example:

      sqlplus avadmindva
      Enter password: password
      SQL> ALTER USER srcuser_ora IDENTIFIED BY password;
      For source user accounts created for Microsoft Windows, Sybase ASE, and IBM DB2, log in to the appropriate source database and then change the password there.

      3.Open a shell for the Audit Vault collection agent, and then set its environment variables as described in Section 2.2.3.

      If you installed the collection agent on Microsoft Windows, do not set any environment variables. Instead, go to the ORACLE_HOME\agent_dir\bin directory.

      4.Run the avorcldb setup command.

      Should the first steps on source database instead of av repository database? I would like to confirm that before I make change on the av server. Thanks.

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          Pat Huey-Oracle
          Hi May,

          No, you need to change the source user password in the place where you created it -- the source database. Please see Section 5.4.5 Changing the Source User Password in the Audit Vault Administrator's Guide for the correct instructions. Here's the link:


          By the way, you can always find the latest versions of the docs here:


          Thank you,

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