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    Restore database from cold backup


      I have a cold backup from our database including (Control files, datafiles and redolog files). My database size is 250GB. Is it possible to use this cold backup on another server to create a test environment but I need to exclude some tablespaces(huge ones) because I dont have enough space?


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          yes you can do it.


          1) you take control file as trace backup from prod. DB and edit that file.
          Note: editing file should change name of cloning database and datafile locations only what are all datafiles you want.
          2) copy that cold backup of datafiles to target server locations
          3) create pfile with target database configuration
          4) set sid of your target server and startup with nomount option by using created pfile
          5) run edited controlfile script to create controlfile
          6) mount the database
          7) recover database for sync with controlfile and datafiles
          8)open the database with resetlog option.

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            Hi Raja;

            Thanks for your quick response. Can I know which recover command I have to use? In the meanwhile I will move the files the target server and prepare the env for clone.

            Mohammad Al-Masri
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              Please check:
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                Thierry H.
                Hi Mohammad,

                When you are using a cold backup, then you do not need any recovery since all your datafiles, control files are fully checkpointed (unless you performed a 'shutdown abort').
                If you want to apply archivelog to perform a PITR, then you need to use a recover command.
                FYI, a recover command would be (amoung other):
                SQL>recover database until cancel using backup controlfile;