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    Frustrating "10.4.5 404 Not Found"


      Making short story long.
      I'm new with Oracle ATS and after a month I have faced a problem. Few times when I have installed OATS to my test
      machines addresses http://localhost:8088/otm/ http://localhost:8088/admin/ http://localhost:8088/olt/ have stopped
      working with error:

      Error 404--Not Found
      From RFC 2068 Hypertext Transfer Protocol -- HTTP/1.1:
      10.4.5 404 Not Found
      The server has not found anything matching the Request-URI. No indication is given of whether the condition is temporary
      or permanent.

      On test machines I have solved this problem re-installing OATS and it has worked even it has been frustrating.

      Last week I started to upgrade our production OATS from 9.2.0370 to 9.31.0036
      Well as you can guess it failed. I was getting same 10.4.5 404 Not Found error. So I decided to uninstall upgraded OATS
      and make a clean install. Well Install phase went mighty fine. Gave me successful install. Tried to access
      http://localhost:8088/admin/ and there it was "10.4.5 404 Not Found" haunting on my browser.
      On production database is on different server. On test environment I use local Express Edition. So I decided to check
      OLT/OTM/OATS schemas with Oracle Application Testing Suite Database Configuration tool. There were no schemas made so
      I decided to create them. After creating them successfully. I tried again to accesss http://localhost:8088/admin/ and
      http:/localhost:8088/otm/ no luck I was still getting "10.4.5 404 Not Found". After moment of pondering I ran
      Oracle Test Manager - Win32 Client. With win32 client I was able to connect Default OTM database and browse our old
      Test and Issues. So I concluded that my Default OTM schema was working.
      I repeated uninstalling/installing multiple times but always I was getting same error and I always had to create schemas.

      I am not familiar with weblogic but I noticed something when browsing http://localhost:8088/console.
      When I checked JNDI tree (oats->environment->server->AdminServer->View JNDI Tree) I can only see five branch:


      on broken test server the JNDI Tree is same. Only five same branch.

      When I look JNDI Tree on the working OATS installion i see 51 branch sticking out.

      Also when browsing HTTP Access log file from working server I can see entries (oats->diagnostics->log Files->HTTPAccessLog)
      On a broken server I can't see nothing. Even I have tried to access different pages like /admin/ or /otm/
      (Yes I customized the Time Interval to show all)

      Our OATS production server is virtualized 64 bit Windows 7 Professional with finnish regional settings.
      I don't think that finnish regional settings affect to this problem because 9.2.0370 version of OATS ran just fine.

      I hope that somebody has idea how to fix this.
      Thank you.
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          The 404 - Not found is usually due to the fact that weblogic has not successfully connected to the database. So, try the following:

          From Services.msc
          1) Stop the application server
          2) Stop the oracle service
          3 ) Stop the TNS LIstener (just for completness).


          1) Start the TNSListener
          2) Start the Oracle database service.
          3) Start the Application server.

          And then try and log into http://localhost:8088/olt



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            Hi Wayne and thank you for your fast reply.

            Yes I have restarted services many times and also booted the servers. I even changed place of towels and that didn't help.

            I noticed something when browsing http://localhost:8088/console in working and broken server. In a broken server Deployment page
            was empty. In a working server there was oats_ee application installed showing active state. Is there a reason why
            oats_ee application is not installed/deployed to weblogic while I install Oracle Application Testing Suite?
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              Just try it out by passing IP instead of local host.

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                Thank you for participating 872455 but I don't think this is name resolution problem.
                I tried using and servers own ip but got same failure from weblogic.

                regards vihall
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                  Ok, here's how you solve this:

                  Go on your weblogic home page for your PROD install:

                  OATS-->Deployments (There will be nothing here if this is broken)

                  Click on 'Install', search where your oats.ear is located. For me, it was in C:\OracleATS\install. Select the oats.ear. Just follow the defaults till you hit finish. Once configured, you should have your EJBs, modules and web_services configured on the fly.

                  No need to do any bounce after this, OLT, OTM and Admin page should load up fine after this.