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    The "Offical" XDB Utilities thread.

      The FAQ has been updated with infrormation about how to download and install the "XDB Utiltities" packages. This thread is the official discussion thread for questions related to the XDB Utilties packages.
        • 1. At your own risk?
          Marco Gralike
          I guess these utilities (as also used in XFILES) are used 'at your own risk" and should not be used in a production environment?
          • 2. Re: At your own risk?
            You are responsible for fully testing them before using them in a production environment. You may also want to consider just installing any pieces you need. Since you have source code you can determine what is appropriate. What you cannot do, which is pretty much true for any source / sample / utiltity code on OTN is call support if you find a bug etc.
            • 3. Install problems on EE (OEL Linux)
              Marco Gralike
              Install didn't succeed via Oracle software owner.

              See my follow up for the issue I ran into...

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              • 4. Re: Install problems on EE (OEL Linux)
                Marco Gralike
                Found the cause via spoolfile xdbSupport_11100.log
                create or replace package body XDB_HELPER_11100
                ERROR at line 1:
                ORA-00604: error occurred at recursive SQL level 1
                ORA-01653: unable to extend table SYS.IDL_UB1$ by 1024 in tablespace SYSTEM
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                • 5. Problem with the ease of use tools while installing

                  I have a problem with the prvtxutil.plb file in xdbutilities-20100419-133106.zip.

                  If I try to run the file I get an error (see also Bug in xdb ease of use tools?
                  SQL> SHOW ERRORS;
                  LINE/COL ERROR
                  -------- -----------------------------------------------------------------
                  2220/4   PL/SQL: Statement ignored
                  2220/15  PLS-00306: Falsche Anzahl oder Typen von Argumenten in Aufruf von
                  2322/4   PL/SQL: Statement ignored
                  2322/15  PLS-00306: Falsche Anzahl oder Typen von Argumenten in Aufruf von
                  It is probably a bug.
                  The version of the prvtxutil.plb file which I have, was updated 25.01.2011, 10:34:56.

                  Maybe somone has another version of it which works........
                  SQL> select * from v$version;
                  Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - Production
                  PL/SQL Release - Production
                  CORE      Production
                  TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
                  NLSRTL Version - Production
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                  • 6. Re: The "Offical" XDB Utilities thread.
                    Anyone know where the official link is to the "XDB Utilities"? It used to the on the XMLDB home page - http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/features/xmldb/index.html. I cannot seem to find it on there anymore. I've found sporadic links to utilities packages on the forum, but don't know if this is the official, up to date package or not. We are using

                    • 7. Re: The "Offical" XDB Utilities thread.
                      It has been moved to the new XML DB Sample Code page :

                      • 8. Re: The "Offical" XDB Utilities thread.
                        All XMLDB sample code and downloads are now located here...


                        The latest version of the officially supported Managability packages can be downloaded directly from this page

                        The latest version of the unsupported XDBPM Utilities can be found in the XFILES demonstration application, also availalbe for download from the same page. If all you want is the XDBPM Utilities then simply download the XFILES application, unzip the archive, and navigate to the xdbpm folder and then run the following command

                        UNIX / LINIX : sqlplus user/password@TNSALIAS @xdbSupport $PWD

                        WINDOWS : sqlplus user/password@TNSALIAS @xdbSuppport %CD%

                        • 9. Re: The "Offical" XDB Utilities thread.
                          Previously, I downloded and installed the utilities that created objects under the XDB user and I used them to annotate my xml schemas.

                          I have since run into issues because the xml schemas I am currently working with have includes and I couldn't determine the order and correct options to choose (for registering the schemas) so I found ANALYZE_XML_SCHEMA and downloaded that.

                          Could you please explain the parameters required to call ANALYZE_XML_SCHEMA?
                          I can see the names of the parameters but need to know what they mean.

                          Any help would be greatly appreciated.