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    External table

      I created external table as db user. The file is location on the db server and the dba has created directory object and granted necessary privs for me.

      Question is
      Is it possible to have log file generated on my local file system instead of the file going to server's file system? Because with latter approach, I have to always ask dba to send me the log file. Reading the log file through utl_file won't be that intutive.

      Is there a standard way of parsing log file and dumping its contents to a db table?

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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Pl post details of OS and database versions, along with what you mean by "local file system". The log file directory for the external table is determined in the definition of the external table - if this directory is a shared directory that he "local file system" has access to, your requirement can be met in theory. Security and other considerations may prevent such an implementation.


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            Only if you can map a directory object on the server that points to your local drive. And if your DBA allows you to do that I will be very surprised.

            Instead ... put the log file at the same location as the external table ... then create another external table that points to the log file. A simple SELECT * FROM will allow you to read the log file at will.
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              Thanks for your response.

              I got success in creating separate external table for the log file.

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                Thanks for your response, Srini.

                I got my answer from other user.