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      Hello everyone

      Production Environment
      Oracle 11gR2
      RAC 4 instances
      No ASM Instance

      Last monday we had a unexpected shutdown event in a node of our RAC servers. After recovering the node and restablishing the environment we noticed that EM doesn't show the node as an live instance saying that the listener should be syncronized. Since I'm new to RAC instances I'd like to ask how I do sync or resync in the instance so that it can be seen by the EM. When checking the status of that instance everything seems to be ok. I've found a note that says that "unblocking" the agent would force the listener on.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      thanks in advance

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          Reinstall the agent
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            Hello mate!

            As simple as that? How do reinstall the agent that is a listener for the RAC?

            Thanks in advance
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              Reading the docs works for me almost every time. ;-)
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                Hans Forbrich
                You say the 'EM' stopped showing the information or updating the information for one instance of your RAC.

                Are you using Grid/Cloud Control or local Enterprise Manager Database Control? (Easiest way to tell is in the URL - perhaps post your URL) That will help determine which agent you need to restart.

                Note that operation of the EM does not impact the operation of the system itself. The test they use to see whether the DB is up is pretty flaky.
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                  Ok !

                  This is the answer I like the most. Will check the docs out as advised.

                  thanks for now.
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                    Hello Hans!

                    It's a Grid Control url and the problem is found only with the Grid EM that doesn't show the listener status correctly. It shows 3 nodes reachable and 1 not. All nodes are responding correctly as we can see when the nodes are tested with 'srvctl status nodeapps -n node_name'.

                    Thanks for your reply!
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                      Hans Forbrich
                      Make sure the agent is up and running. Set your PATH to point ot the Agent's HOME/bin, unset the ORACLE_SID and ORACLE_HOME, and try emctl stop/start agent

                      As Dan says, this might be a case of reinstalling the agent. I'd open a Support ticket first and get them to help, because dropping and reinstalling an agent is painful. (See http://docs.oracle.com - look for Grid Control, take the appropriate version, specifically look at the Advanced Installation manual.)