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    File Upload Control

      I'm wondering what the best way would be to add a File Upload control to Oracle Web Determinations? The interview would determine which documents need to be uploaded and then on the summary screen would want to have an upload button so that the user can then upload the document.
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          Davin Fifield-Oracle
          Asked around a bit on this one, and one approach is as follows:

          * Customize the summary screen to include a separate form submission handler for uploading files
          * This would go to an entirely different URL than the regular form submission - and would handle the multi-form data for the uploaded file(s)
          * You'd need a way to associate the uploaded files with the current session - so if your data adapter created a unique identifier for the session you could use that for the upload submissions to track which documents were associated with the user's session
          * You'd probably also want a custom control to handle adding/removing upload files as well


          [Brainstorm credits: Andrew Barry and Kristy van Der Vlist]
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            Just wondering if anybody has had any success in adding a File Upload Control?