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    DB crashes on surviving node while crashed node started database.

      Dear Experts

      My Configuration :-

      1. Solaris 10
      2. VCS 5.0
      3. Oracle 9i RAC

      Two Node Cluster

      Node - 1 panic'ed due to a Hardware fault. After reset, VCS started Database on Node - 1 using specified pfile in VCS configuration. Due to manual mistake, specified pfile was altered by someone and cluster_database parameter was set to false. So, Node -1 started database instance in non clustered mode while Node - 2 was already running with clustered option. While DB was starting on Node-1, it crashed DB on Node-2 and also on itself. So both Databases crashed. We started Databases on both nodes manually with correct spfiles and no issues after that.

      Queries :-

      1. I am assuming DB on node-2 (and node-1 too) crashed due to parameter cluster_database=false (which should have been true). Am I correct on this? Mean is this expected to crash DB on Node - 2. Ideally, it should have crashed DB only on Node-1 and Node-2 Database should not have been crashed....

      Any thoughts on this....

      Kind Rgds