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    DAC build AN is hanging after setup the Informatica Servers.

      Hi Oracle Gurus,

      Hope you will help me in fixing this problem.

      I have installed informatica 8.5.1 and DAC on XP. installed java 1.6 as well.
      I just have Informatica, DAC and SQL Server on my XP VirtualBox image. dont have anything else. did not install obiee servers or anything.

      Everything is fine until I setup the Informatica components on DAC Client.
      Setup-> Informatica Serrvers
      Successfully configured the Informatica Integration Service and Repository on DAC Client but as soon as I change the tabs. it gets hanged. I cant see the tab again.
      In the attached image link below, you can see two empty rows, but no details.

      If i delete the entries from W_ETL_SERVERS tables in the dac repository i can access the Informatica Servers tab in DAC Client.

      Please help me fixing this problem.

      Please check this tag for the image of stuck DAC Client.


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