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    Apex 4.1 Print IR Report to PDF

      I wanted to see if I have it correct on Apex and getting data out in either printed form or to Excel.

      Unlike previous dev tools like Discoverer which would make printing things out to PDF and paper almost an exact duplicate of what was done on the screen report,
      Apex chose another route and making it harder to get things out.

      Now if you have $150,000 laying around you can purchase BI-Publisher and get "Nicer" output that of which I have only seen in a demo.

      What about those of us that don't have 150K to spend?

      I have my FOP server up and running but this give the most basic output available.

      So Far I see no way to get Break Groups, total amounts or anything even remotely approaching charts out using FOP.

      Do I have this correct. I just want to make sure.

      I wanted to use one tool to do my development from the Data Warehouse, and was led to believe that Apex was it.

      What are the "Real" solutions in getting better formatted output to a printed page. Is there anything that can take the rendering on the page and print it out, or down load it for Excel and/or other output.

      I am going to have to now go back to my supervisor and say I am going to have to code in discoverer as well as Apex to get viable printed output on our project thereby increasing my time and footprint and tools the user must use.

      I am not getting a warm fuzzy feeling about this.

      I know that I am going to have to open an SR to get a response on this from anyone even remotely connected to oracle, but I wanted to get some other thoughts out there, and see if I am missing something easy in the way of getting output and leveraging my work in apex to the printed page in anything that resembles what you see on the screen in apex.

      Any help or advise is appreciated.
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          Scott Wesley
          Sorry mate, Apex doesn't score well when it comes to generating reports out of the box - however it does integrate with other options.

          BI Publisher - I thought the figure was more like $50k, but I guess it depends on your currency.

          Configuration details direct from Oracle
          Setting up reports

          You can set up Cocoon using Carl's viewlet

          If you want to use Cocoon or Apache FOP and you don't have a skilled XSL developer, you can spend a small amount cash for this WYSIWYG editor

          There are some PL/SQL alternatives

          A popular option that I haven't explored is Jasper
          Dietmar Aust loves it

          It is also possible to link into Oracle Reports - quite easily actually - but I don't have that link with me.

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            Thanks Scott,
            I was wrong ;-)
            I will look into those options today.
            Much Appreciated.
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              Thanks so much for all the info. I think the info on Jasper looks like a "Real" option for us. With the amount of detail in the posts and other info already on OTN, We are going forward in this direction.
              THanks much.