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    JavaFX2 on iOS - embedding JRE inside iOS app - JNI support?


      many many user wish like use JavaFX2 for developing apps for iphone and iPad. In my opinion it's the only chance to beat Flex (Adobe/Apache) if JavaFX2/JRE can be used to develop real multi platform applications compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, IOS and Android.

      So the goal is to bundle an app with an embedded JRE (including JavaFX2). As Oracle has shown on JavaOne it would be possible to do this without JIT (just in time compiler). But in my point of view we have to succeed in embedding a JRE with JNI support so that we can build native libraries to access platform specific functions (like ipod access).

      So do you think it would be possible to do that? Apple doesn't allow to call dynamic libraries...so maybe it's not possible to call native libraries from Java through JNI, isn't it?

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