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    Creating Java 6.0 icon on desktop

      Our medical office uses a medical billing program. Am told by them to install the program requires using Java, which we just installed (6.0) . We cannot, however "Open" Java from the bottom button which is "Installer". Need a STEP BY STEP process as to how to actually OPEN the Java 6.0 PROGRAM, so that we may download & install the billing program URL.

      Reply to: <email address removed by moderator> P.S.: This CPU has Windows 7. Our older computers use XP and both work without a hitch. Any/all assistance greatly appreciated. Thanx Robert


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          This is not Oracle technical support, mr. or ms. demands-a-lot. Why don't you call up support of this medical billing program you use?

          Also: don't post your email address on public forums. Unless you want to receive spam of course.
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            Gimbal2: It was the billing softwear co who told me I needed Java. I was able to INSTALL java 6.0 v31. It works seemlessly on my older WinXP CPU's I merely needed help OPENING the Java program, as all I can do open Java Installer- not the actual PROGRAM to ytpe in & install the billing program URL. Oracle support told me to use this forum for help.

            Thank you. Robert

            PS: I'll try to delete by personal e-mail address from original query
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              This CPU has Windows 7
              This is a CPU:
              A computer will have a CPU as one of the dozens of microprocessor chips inside its chassis.

              A suggestion:
              Go make contact with your IT support staff and have them install whatever you need after suspending Windows 7's newest schemas for User Account Control which did not exist for Windows XP.

              Try www.java.com