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    Login to OIM Admin Console Failure

      So I have an installation (all on one server), and can login successfully to the WebLogic Admin console, the OAM admin console, Directory Manager, etc. However, when I attempt to login to the OIM admin console using the xelsysadm account, I now get 'Invalid sign in'.

      I was able to login successfully once (just after having configured it), and established the security questions. The interesting thing is that when I click on 'Forgot Password', it takes me to the corresponding security questions, and allows me to reset the password after successfully answering them. It then tells me it's been saved and that I'll be automatically logged in, however it then gives me a "Error 403--Forbidden" page.

      And in the oim_server1_diagnostic.log (and oim_server1.out) file, I get the following error msg:
      <Mar 14, 2012 4:25:13 PM EDT> <Warning> <oracle.oam.agent-default> <BEA-000000> <OAM Server request failed: OpCode = 1 [IsResrcOpProtected], Returned Status = Major code: 5(ResrcOpNotProtected) Minor code: 2(NoCode) , extraInfo = [prefHost:IAMSuiteAgent, resource:/oim/faces/pages/Login.jspx]>

      Also, if I click on 'Register', it gives me a java.x.ejb.EJBAccessException error.

      Any thoughts?


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