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    Does TT could use partition?

      Hi all,

      Now I met a problem, My data in Oracle DB has stored more and more. So I want use partition in Oracle. However, Does TT support partition? if yes, How?
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          TT doesn't have Oracle like partitions concept for normal tables , but we allow creating cache groups on tables which is partitioned in oracle.

          Caching Oracle partitioned tables

          You can define Oracle partitioned tables in a cache group by following the same
          conventions as you would when caching regular Oracle tables. For example, a
          partitioned table in a read-only cache group must have a corresponding unique,
          non-null index in Oracle. The partitioned table used in the cache group can be
          partitioned or subpartitioned in any manner (hash, list, range or composite).

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            Well, Thanks rajeshp.

            You mean once I create a partition table in oracle which use a number value to partition, I should create several table in TT cachegroups?

            However, how to create a partition table automaticlly in TT, use an job and scripts?

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              Let me clarify a little. We can't create Partition table in Timesten as such for normal tables.

              But We have IMDB cache where you cache Oracle tables to Timesten. When you create a cache group, the oracle table will be created in Timesten.

              You can find more abut IMDB cache here


              For Partitioned Oracle tables, you can cache the table in Timesten like normal tables.
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                Hi rajeshp,

                I found a way to slove the problem. I had create a partition table A which partition condition is date in oracle, then I created a temp table B like A, and a tt table C like B. Once insert a value into C, the data synchronous upload to B, At the trriger bettween A and B become active. the data was stored in A finally.
                Am I right?
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                  Can you tell us about this ..." the data synchronous upload to B" ?

                  Are you using SWT cachegroup here ? Or using "passthrough" to write data from TT to Oracle ?