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    Search results behaving like user is not logged in.

      We've seen this a few times now and trying to determine exactly what is going on.

      Today, while a crawl was occurring we tried to perform a search. The user initially got over 100 hits. Then when going to the next page, the hit count changed to 0.

      After the crawl complete the hit count is still 0 and we are confident that result is wrong.

      Also, when clicking Browse, the user no longer sees the Groups that she should be seeing. The display is only showing the public results. It's behaving exactly as if she logged out, or if her ACL information is not showing her the results she should see.

      When this has happened in the past it seems to have magically corrected itself within a few hours.

      We're still running 10.1.8 and preparing to upgrade to the latest. Most of our crawls are NTFS. Is this a known issue that's been fixed? Is there anything I can do to fix this?