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    11.2 out-of-place upgrade

      Ok, I'm somewhat (no, not 'somewhat', but 'very') embarrassed to have to ask this. I'm needing to apply the patchset to upgrade to Downloaded the patchset files (7 zip files), unzipped them, and expected to find things similar to the 10g patchset process. Nope. The readme file in the uzipped 'database' directory talks in generalities about in-place and out-of-place upgrades and says the out-of-place is recommended. But I can't seem to find the normally helpful documentation on exactly how to accomplish that. I understand that the is a full install, not really just a patchset, and 'out of place' means installing into a new, separate oracle home. But I'd expect to find instructions detailing the process, whether or not to do a 'startup upgrade', run the cat* sql scripts, etc. As occasionally happens, I just need someone to point me to what's probably right in front of me but I'm not seeing, to get me back on track.