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    activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter no rows returned - should be 6 rows

      Ruby 1.9.3-p125, rails 3.2.1, activerecord-oracle_enhanced-adapter 1.4.1, ruby-oci8-2.1.0, oracle instantclient 11.2. Application uses mySQL as its db and wants to do read-only lookups in two Oracle tables (2 different databases). I got past the TNS error and the Timezone error and made a connection.

      My query is simple: select <subset_of_cols> from <table> where <conditions>. I get no rows back. I copy/paste into SQLPlus and get 6 rows back. No errors from the rails script, just an empty array.

      Am I supposed to be doing some kind of fetch after the sql select statement with this configuration as I would do in PHP? This is running me crazy, and I will still have the (either tomcat/jruby or) Passenger/apache2 problems to deal with when deploying.

      Please help. TIA.