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    Standalone win7 64x tsnames error- can anyone help

      Installing the current standalone version of Enterpriseone (four downloads, files v28591-01.zip through v28594-01.zip) on Win 7 64x Professional yields an error late in the database install

      We cannot update the file C:\JDEdwards\EiLocal\NETWORK\ADMIN\tsnames.ora.
      The system cannot find the file specified.
      You will need to deinstall and then reinstall the database.

      I have installed with this error, deinstallled, reinstalled with the error again, deinstalled, downloaded the zips a second time, and reinstalled and get the error. I suspect there is something wrong with the packages downloaded.

      Has anyone installed these files successfully? And on Win 7 x64? Any suggestions? I have previously succesfully installed older versions of the Oracle db on Win XP, but am no Oracle guru.