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    EBS provisioning queries

      Hi ,

      We are integrating EBS 11i with OAM 10g for SSO.

      Could you please answer my following queries about OID to EBS auto-provisioning.

      (1)     In my client scenario, when the user leaves the organization, his OID id (oid1) is deleted but his EBS id (ebs1) is never removed.
      In case that user is rehired, he gets a new OID id (oid2). But as per organization policy, he has to use his old EBS id (ebs1).
      Therefore in this case, it is desired to NOT provision the EBS id for this new user. Is there a way that we can achieve this ?

      User can manually link his OID id with his old EBS id at first login.

      (2)     New user joined and a new OID id is created for him. OAM tries to provision a new EBS id but the EBS id with that name already exists.
      What will happen in this case ? Will any error be thrown ?
      If the EBS id already exists, can we handle this situation out-of-the-box (i.e. create another EBS id for this user) ?

      These are urgent requirements. Your help will be much appreciated.

      Thanks & Regards,