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    apps for iphone/ipad/ipod


      I am wondering if i can develop applications for iphone ipad and ipod using java?

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          Nope. You have no freedom, you have to use what Apple tells you to use.
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            but apple said that they accept 3rd party developers to make apps for iphone, ipad and ipod.

            Flash developers can now make apps for apple products see the link below
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              thanks for the interesting article, but now you've only proven that you can develop Flash stuff for Apple platforms ;) Even if Apple lifted its limitations, a Java Runtime for such platforms is not going to magically appear. You'll have to wait and see what Oracle does in that area. Probably iPhone and iPad will be considered for the future, but then more to support JavaFX based applications. Likely nothing will happen in that direction until JavaFX 3 / Java 8.
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                If I understand well, all this years flash has been limited in apple platforms because the battery consumption. Actually, some months ago I read a newspaper when an important explorer (I think IE), told that it was not going to support any more flash platform.

                Actually, for developments with Java in Apple platforms, I think is difficult because Apple is so close to its environment, and that's why they keep a high standard quality in its products.

                So, I think that it's not possible and it wouldn't possible in the near future.

                Oscar Gómez


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