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    Cache mode


      I am new to atg. I am unable to understand the locked cache mode. Can anybody help?
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          Nooruddin Shaik
          Locked cache mode works similar way to synchronize.

          Only one thread irrespective of any number of Threads or servers(S1, S2) etc can edit item1.

          Say, thread T1 of S1 likes to edit then it acquires the lock. Any other server or thread which likes to edit item1 will be in waiting state, until the thread T1 releases item1.
          The acquiring and releasing of threads is maintained by ServerLockManager which is on one instance per cluster. There could be 2nd for back-up.
          There will be ClientLockManager at each server to communicate with the ServerLockManger.

          I hope its clear.

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            Thanks Shaik..