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    Deploying ATG on VM's

      I am trying to understand ATG licensing and any help is appreciated. If I were to deploy ATG application on a bunch VM's would I need to license for the CPU/Cores allocated to the VM's where ATG is installed or would I need to license for the whole ESX cluster on which VM's are?

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          ATG doesn't require licensing to deploy the application after it is acquired by Oracle.
          Once you have contract established with Oracle, then you can use ATG without license.

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            We have received mixed answers on this at best. So far the only we know of is that the only Virtualization product that is 100% compliant with Oracles Licensing is OVM ( http://www.oracle.com/us/technologies/virtualization/oraclevm/index.html ).

            We have spoken to some providers that say ESX is somewhat supported depending on the use and how it is configured. We have had multiple sources tell us that you would need to license the bare metal.

            Wish I had more concrete information then that for you.