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    Lost LARGE messages put on topics?

      Hey, I'm using Open MQ 4.4 for queueing and pub/sub.

      We are putting messages on topics which subscribers pick up. Everything works great until I publish a bigger message to the topic. I can consistently publish a message of 9798236 bytes (raw data without JMS headers) and below and the subscribers will receive the messages. However, when I try to publish 9811918 or larger, the messages will NOT be received by the subscribers.

      I have the maximum message size set to unlimited (however, this happened even with the default 70m setting):


      And running imqcmd query on the broker, I can verify the setting:

      Max Number of Messages in System unlimited (-1)
      Max Total Message Bytes in System unlimited (-1)
      Max Message Size unlimited (-1)

      There are no exceptions publishing the messages to the topic. So...any ideas on why my messages are not being received by the subscribers?