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    Integration Approach - Recomndation

      Hi All,

      I am new to fusion middle ware and am listening many tools for many purposes.

      I have read ODI can be used to integrate across heterogeneous databases.Also ODI is especially good for large volume data integrations

      Also, something similar can be done using BPEL.

      I just want to know, how to decide which tool for which sort of integration scenario. Is there some recommendation or checklist which can be used to identify the tool for integration scenario?

      G V Ranjith
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          As I see it, you can have many answers and explanation. It depends who you will ask.
          I recommend first to ask some "small" questions: what is the need?
          Do you handle Massive data transformation? Complex manipulation? Good monitoring (Users monitoring)? Working only/a lot with DB?
          Your process is short/long run? Your process will run once a day or 1000 times in a min'?

          Some of the possibilities in one integration tool can be found in another and the opposite.
          Sure, there are high advantage for each tool, but first you need to know you need.

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